Janet Jackson- Nasty (The Idot8617 Remix)

by Janet Jackson, The IZM.

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Control was released in 1986.
My remix was released in 2017.

Janet Jackson was my first sensei and I didn't even know it. A black female inspiring a young black man. Her beauty, her voice, her magic, it was unmatched. While the world was swooning over other pop acts, Janet was the only one in my view.

I begged my mother to get me the cassette tape of the janet. album when it came out in 1993. I was in Roselle visiting my aunts and cousins and she called my aunt's phone.

MOMMY: Baby I have a surprise for you.
ME: Mommy what is it?
MOMMY: (singing): Any time any place I...
ME: (screaming)

For the JanFam, the JTribe, for Janet...this is for us.

Get the point? Good. Let's dance.

Happy birthday Auntie Jan.


released May 16, 2017

April 15, 1986 (US)
May 27, 1986 (UK)

B- side: "You Never Find (A Love Like Mine)" (which was actually the B-Side to "Say You Do" from her first self-titled album released in 1982.)


Produced by Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Written by Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.


Remix produced by The IZM. for Drowning Ophelia Entertainment. Interview from the Dutch music show Countdown from 1986 during the Control era. Link below if you wanna see it. She was so adorable and poised and professional.


NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Just a mere celebration of a black woman who continues to inspire us all.




The IZM. Newark, New Jersey

In 2005, a dream surfaced. 6 years later, it finally came to fruition. New Jersey. Producer. Songwriter. Best friend. Lover. God lover.

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